Thursday, December 10, 2009

మహాతల్లీ ...నువ్వు ఏ క్షణాన దేశంలో అడుగుపెట్టావోగానీ ...


  1. Why blame Sonia Gandhi? Do you think YSR,CBN are without blame on this one? All politicians played politics on telangana sentiment(peoples weakness) without realizing the consequences of their actions. Instead of telling and convincing people that united AP is best for all round development of telangana, they played with peoples weak emotional sentiments precipitating the matter to this level of agitation. If at all telangana state is formed, TRS leaders will be fighting among themselves to grab as much (riches) as possible from Hyd, then peoeple of telenagna will realise their folly.

  2. You perhaps correct ... but the roots of YSR, CBN are at Delhi ... they continueing the legacy of Delhi ...thats why Iam ...

  3. Look at it now. Yesterday, TDP declared in parlaiment that they will support the creation of separate telangana. Now, Payyavula Keshav of TDP says how can one or two people in Delhi decide the fate of Andhra Pradesh ?
    All congress politicians have been saying that they will abide by what the hight command decides on separate telangana. Now they are all resigning in protest.
    What should we call these people ?
    Every political party/leader is at fault for this state of affairs.
    These politicians are as abusive as TRS and KCR.

  4. బాగా చెప్పారు. ఆ లెగ్గు మహత్యమే ఇదంతా.