Friday, September 03, 2010

నాయనా జగన్ పెద్దవాన్ని చెబుతున్నా విను ... మేడంతో గొడవలొద్దు


  1. YSR earned not stones big rocks. He is no more interested in his father. He wants to use his father as short cut to become CM.

  2. This is a big drama, jagan and congress needs each other..they'll never part. jagan is gaining bargaining power and leverage by showing his clout..
    At the end we'll be fools as usul.

  3. Jagan CM ayyi prajaseva(shave) cheddamanukuntunte madam enduku oppukovatam ledu? idi chaAlaA injustice. telugu vaAlla aAtma gouravaniki idi pareeksha.Jagn nu CM cheEsi AP nu looti cheEsukonichi tana vaAtaA tanu teEsukunteE saripotundikadaA.