Friday, June 10, 2011

అసలే బలహీనమైన గుండె నీది ... యజుర్‌మందిరంలోకి రావద్దంటే విన్నావు కాదు


  1. This shows, why Hindus never learn from their experiences.

    Sai Baba, instead of spending that wealth on improving the lives of Millions of Hindus, he stashed it. Now the anri-Hindu government (Congress) take it over and give it (some) to minorities.

    The wealth created by Hindus is going to waste now. Instead Sai Baba should have started schools, colleges, hospitals, old age homes, children homes all over India.

    Note: he did spend some money (small amount) on opening few schools and hospitals. That is not enough.

  2. When did they open ?